Why am I not able to see God ???

November 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

Our mind, body and intellect are equipments through which we transact in this world. The mind feels emotions. The body perceives the world of objects through the five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and vision. The intellect guides the mind into making decisions via thoughts. All the three equipments of mind, body and intellect get their powers thanks to our consciousness. A dead body also has sense organs and a brain. Without consciousness however, the equipments are of no use. This consciousness – this ability to enliven that exists in us makes the difference between life and death. This is nothing but God’s power working through us.

God is just like the electricity without which no electrical appliance will function. He is the fuel without which this vehicle which we call body will not run. He is like the battery that gives the flashlight (aka torch) the ability to give light. If you are in a dark room and turn on the flashlight, the light that the flashlight emanates is able to show you everything in the room. There is one thing in the room though, that the flashlight will not be able to show us, and that is the battery itself. Why is that? The moment we take the battery out, the ability of the the flashlight to give light ceases.

The mind, body and the intellect are useful tools to know the world outside. Just like the flashlight cannot show us the battery, in the same way, our limited mind, body and the intellect cannot show us God. Just because the battery cannot be normally seen, it does not mean it does not exist. Likewise, just because God cannot be seen with our current sense equipments, it does not mean He does not exist. On the contrary, without Him, the world cannot be experienced!

Now you might say, if the outer cover of the flashlight is removed, while the battery is still inside, then we can see the battery while the flashlight is giving light. Similarly, when the intellect is transcended by removing the outer layer of ego that we have, we are able to directly experience Him by raising to higher levels of consciousness. All realized masters do not have this opaque shell of the ego that the rest of us carry, and are thus able to forever experience the heightened state of love and bliss that is His true nature. God is thus not something you see as an object outside of you. He is something you experience within yourself, He is something that you merge with, He is a state of consciousness that you glide into.

 — RAJ

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